Disabled-Access Counseling


Wendel Rosen provides experienced legal counsel to guide its clients through the complex legal requirements related to equal access to public accommodations and businesses for individuals with disabilities. The firm also represents businesses, property owners, and tenants in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) related lawsuits.

The ADA and the related, but materially different, California Unruh Civil Rights Act impose duties and responsibilities on those who invite members of the public into their business or property. These laws require that individuals with disabilities be provided equal access to and throughout public areas of a business as well as to all services provided at the business. Firm attorneys are experienced in helping businesses develop plans to address these issues prior to notification or a complaint from a disabled potential customer or an attorney.

When Wendel Rosen's clients are sued for alleged ADA violations, the firm aggressively analyzes whether its clients are in compliance with accessibility requirements and moves to dismiss meritless lawsuits. Additionally, the firm finds economically efficient solutions to eliminating the barriers that prevent full and equal access. Prompt, focused attention is key to addressing ADA access issues.

The firm has counseled clients that include restaurants owners, commercial building owners, national retail operators in regional shopping centers, health care providers, homebuilders, tire store franchisees, and others. Accessibility issues can consist of any number of matters including sidewalk and driveway slopes, proper height for sales and restaurant counters, entry steps to buildings that prevent equal access, restroom accessibility and adequate paths of travel throughout businesses open to the public.

Solutions can include developing accessible paths of travel through business establishments, addressing accessibility issues in restrooms by relocating or installing fixtures, installing proper signage, offering Braille signs for visually impaired persons, or providing disabled accessible parking spaces. In other cases, the issues may involve more complicated solutions, such as installation of a ramp or lift to provide access or business operation changes. In either situation, Wendel Rosen can help guide clients to a workable solution.

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