Hemp: State and Federal Regulation after the 2018 Farm Bill

Join Cannabis Practice Group Chair and Attorney Rob Selna who will present, “Hemp: State and Federal Regulation after the 2018 Farm Bill” at the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Northeast Cannabis Business Conference February 20, 2020 in Boston.

The panel will explore the federal, state, and local regulatory changes occurring rapidly in the hemp industry. The presentation will explain USDA’s interim hemp rule, while discussing potential state responses to the USDA regulations, and potential impacts on businesses.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the USDA hemp rules, especially the “Total THC” requirement, DEA regulatory involvement, negligence sanctions, and sampling protocol.
2. Learn why most of the power to regulate hemp still lies with the states in the form of state plans, which will be submitted in the first half of 2019.
3. Understand the benefits of the 2018 Farm Bill for industry including availability of banking, crop insurance, IP protection, and bankruptcy court.
4. Learn why local governments also have a part to play in hemp regulation though bans, inspections, and permitting.


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