Episode 77– Dr. Jay Udani Discusses Clinical Testing for Dietary Supplements

Oct 11, 2012

In Episode 77 of The Wendel Forum (originally aired on September 22, 2012, on 960 KNEW AM radio), show moderator Dick Lyons, co-founder of Wendel Rosen’s sustainable business practice group, welcomes Dr. Jay Udani founder and CEO of Medicus Research, a contract research organization for the natural health products industry, including botanical drugs, dietary supplements and functional foods.

Dr. Jay Udani of Medicus Research
Dr. Jay Udani of Medicus Research

Dietary supplements give people choices in their health care. Whenever manufacturers of dietary supplements make formal claims – such as “supports healthy joints” – the supplements must undergo clinical trials and testing, akin to pharmaceutical testing.  Dick and Dr. Udani discuss how both enforcement of and consumer interest in clinical trials for dietary supplements is increasing.  Even major food manufacturers, such as yogurt manufacturer Dannon, have received letters from the FDA about their formal health claims.

Whereas pharmaceuticals are chemicals that interact with the body by targeting a pathway or organ, dietary supplements assist the body in better performing normal, healthy functions.  As a result, clinical trials of supplements must be done on healthy people. Supplements can take longer than drugs to show effects so the best way to test the efficacy of supplements is for the individuals in the clinical trials to track how they’re feeling over time.  Udani’s research program uses iPods to monitor individuals, whose responses may be both subjective and objectively measurable. When evaluating a clinical trial, consumers should examine how the supplement was tested, the population used and the measuring tools.

When taking dietary supplements, does clinical testing matter to you?
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