Why Wendel

When considering where you would like to take your career, consider also where you would like to take your life. Our work lives constitute a large percentage of how we spend our time and with whom we associate. Interesting work and great people are the main reasons that most of us choose to work here.

Simply put, we want to practice excellent law. We want to have fun doing it. We want to earn a reasonable living. While this may seem simplistic, it really represents the reasons most attorneys practice law. The profession provides challenging, interesting work. Attracting more challenging work will keep us interested. Working with a great team of people makes it fun.

Date Position Type
8/5/2021 Experienced Litigation Secretary Staff
8/10/2021 User Experience & Training Manager – New IT Role Staff
8/10/2021 Corporate Paralegal Staff
9/14/2021 Trusts & Estates Paralegal Staff
9/28/2021 Word Processor Staff
10/6/21 Marketing Coordinator Staff