Wendel Rosen has a long history representing nonprofit organizations including industry trade associations, homeowners associations, civic organizations and public and private charitable foundations.  While the work is often similar to that done for our for-profit clients, we understand the unique needs and concerns associated with nonprofit entities.

Considerations for NonProfits

Organizations come to us seeking answers to a number of questions with special implications for nonprofit entities:

  • What activities may create unrelated business income?
  • What fundraising activities may require registration?
  • What issues does forming a joint venture with a for-profit entity raise?
  • What special concerns arise when a nonprofit creates and licenses intellectual property?
Counsel and Advice

Firm attorneys serve as general counsel to a number of trade and civic nonprofits, including green building and renewable energy associations, real estate trade groups and business organizations, among others.  We also provide periodic advice in a range of matters facing not-for-profit organizations, including:

  • Entity formation and dissolution
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Secretary of State Filings and reporting
  • Board of Directors’ fiduciary duties
  • Taxation
  • Gifting, donations and trusts
  • General business and corporate
  • Insurance (property, directors’ liability, etc.)
  • Contract negotiations and drafting
  • Employment
  • Real estate and land use
  • Construction and development projects
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual property, trademarks and licensing
  • Advertising, sweepstakes and  contests
  • Debt workout
  • Litigation
Industry Trends

In addition, firm attorneys follow legislation and engage in advocacy on relevant industry issues for individual and consortium nonprofit groups tracking bills and industry trends, including advising on issues related to climate change, Benefit Corporation legislation and economic development.


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