Technology to Support Your Matters


Litigation Support

Our e-discovery team is a sophisticated group of expert litigators and technologists trained in state of the art discovery methodologies.  Based on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model we have the tools to ensure your matter is handled with proven methods.

The next-generation litigation review products are light years ahead of the old standards and reach far deeper than prehistoric paper-based methodologies.  Using these state of the art tools, thousands of documents can be culled and coded in hours, instead of days.  We want to get to the heart of what really matters to you and use a best strategy to get you there.

With access to a market-wide array of document search and review tools, we can scale and size a solution that meets the needs of your budget and the matter at hand.

Our trial graphics and presentation team is unstoppable.  Employing inDataCorp’s Trial Director, Adobe’s creative suite coupled with our expert litigators, we are confident in appropriate technologies suited for the resolution of your dispute.


We invest in robust networking gear and best-in-class technology to ensure reliability and redundancy. We are able to share information with colleagues and clients around the globe.  Our attorneys are fully mobile and have access to the firm’s systems from anywhere with Internet connectivity.  The virtualization of key systems, combined with the use of MPLS networks, provide a reliable, redundant and consistent technology experience from multiple locations.


Wendel Rosen employs security devices in use by major internet service providers to protect our client’s data.  We don’t fool around.  We want to ensure your matter is secure.

For situations that require extra security, we can encrypt email communications.

Green Business Technologies

Our commitment to green isn’t just something to brag about.  We purchase Energy StarTM compliant equipment to help reduce our carbon footprint.  Recycled and compostable items are fully integrated components.  We offer electronic billing options.  Workstations are set to automatically power on moments before the day begins so we are ready when you are.