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Wendel Rosen employs a dedicated staff of law clerks, paralegals, legal secretaries and administrative talent to support the efficient management of client casework. It is important to every member of the team that your matter be handled in a cost effective and professional way with the utmost courtesy and responsiveness. We want your total experience with the firm to be as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

All staff may be reached through the firm's main phone number at (510) 834-6600 or by facsimile at (510) 834-1928.

To inquire about available staff positions on the Wendel Rosen team, please visit Recruiting.

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Anderson, Marilyn v-card
Ashmore, Julie v-card
Astle, Camille v-card
Bagshawe, Carol v-card
Banuelos, Jessica v-card
Bednerik, Lydia v-card
Best, Phyllis v-card
Bie, Rose v-card
Boyce-Milenbach, Lori v-card
Byrd, Lillian v-card
Chambers, Debra v-card
Clement, Mary v-card
Cone, Gwen v-card
Coughlin, Alison v-card
Cress, Kim v-card
Cresswell, Donna v-card
DeBoever, Kathleen v-card
Dugger, Katy v-card
Flores, Emmie v-card
France, Tammy v-card
Franklin, Robin v-card
Frost, Darlene v-card
Gada, Charlot v-card
Gan, Theresa v-card
Gardner, Jonathan v-card
Gordon, Kim v-card
Iles, Ken v-card
Joakimson, Pamela v-card
Johnson-Traylor, Yolanda v-card
Jones, Maria v-card
Jones, Carol v-card
Kinavey, Valerie v-card
Kwiat, Sharon v-card
Lanigan, Jackie v-card
Lehner, Tracey v-card
Maciula, Regina v-card
Matheny, Lisa v-card
McFadden, Jane v-card
McGreevy, Jeannie v-card
Medler, Phyllis v-card
Moore, Regina v-card
Pandika, Phoa v-card
Phillips, Mary v-card
Popalardo, Daira v-card
Quintero, Phyllis v-card
Richards, Jeffrey v-card
Roberts, Shelley v-card
Rosenblum, Rob v-card
Rubio, Tanya v-card
Sanchez, Michelle v-card
Spears, Andrea v-card
Velazquez, Ericka v-card
Villareal, Ver v-card
Wheeler, Murry v-card
Zaragoza, Karen v-card