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Firm attorneys are frequent contributors to business, trade and industry publications on substantive areas of the law and how these legal trends may affect your business.

Following are some of these articles, which you may filter by practice area for easier reference.  

Please contact marketing@wendel.com if you would like to inquire about receiving printed versions of any of these materials.

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09/11/2013 New Storm Water Permit on the Horizon for Manufacturers
04/29/2014 Manufacturers Take Note: New Storm Water Requirements for Industry Finalized
04/09/2014 The Stop Payment Notice: Construction Lenders Beware
03/13/2014 Uninsured Risk or Conventional Wisdom
01/20/2014 What Startup Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Crowdfunding Before They Raise Money
01/17/2014 Just When You Thought You Knew The Rules
09/23/2013 The Scoop on Retail Subleases
06/01/2013 California Lawyer: 2013 Land Use Law Roundtable
06/13/2013 Resolving Environmental Issues in a Real Property Transaction
6/6/2013 US Manufacturers Still Enjoy Tax Breaks on Exports
02/01/2013 Completed And Accepted Doctrine Extended To Architects
12/31/2012 'Virtual Presence' Can Trigger Oakland Business Tax
09/01/2012 Diversity And Inclusion
12/17/2012 Rules of (Expert) Engagement
12/03/2012 The Need for Benefit Corporations
10/22/2012 Social Media Entertainment
04/11/2012 Bay Area Air Quality Management District Resolution No. 2010-06
12/23/2011 Winning On Appeal When The Odds Are Against You
02/03/2012 A New Kind of Corporation in California for a New Bottom Line
01/17/2012 Work for Hire: Who Really Owns “Your” Copyright?
10/26/2011 Retail Twists on Green Leasing
10/25/2011 Considerations for a Company Ready for Series A Financing
10/24/2011 Has the Lending Industry Gone Too Far in Collateralizing Guarantor Obligations?
09/20/2011 Video Interview: Donald Simon Discusses AB 361 Benefit Corporation Legislation in California
08/16/2011 What Happened to Chapter 11 Business Filings?
06/15/2011 Bruce Flushman - 2011 Top Land Use Leader
08/20/2010 New Case Holds That Title Company Has No Liability When It Gratuitously Provides Erroneous Title Information
06/23/2010 Stormwater Regulation Update; EPA Expanding Program
06/22/2010 Security Deposit Storm
03/08/2010 Cooking Up Business: Lawyers Put Food on Table as Oakland Eateries Boom
12/01/2009 Renegotiating Lease Terms in Difficult Economic Times
10/01/2009 Use Caution When Making Green Claims
06/18/2009 Where Land Meets Water
05/26/2009 Greenwashing to Come Under FTC Scrutiny
03/01/2009 Green Building and Climate Change
02/01/2009 Key Issues in Negotiating Retail Leases
11/11/2008 Reining in the Wild West of Green Building Advertising
10/08/2008 Under Review: Cable Connection Bucks Previous Rulings on Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards
09/15/2008 Stormwater Regulation Update: Rough Waters in California
09/01/2008 Pick the Right Trademark... And Protect It
09/01/2008 It's Easier Being Green
07/01/2008 Legal Update: Property Owners Push Compensation Boundaries for Temporary Construction Easements
04/01/2008 The Legalese of Green
04/01/2008 Is a Real Estate Marriage Right for You?
03/24/2008 Finally, A Practical Approach to Evaluating Potential Vapor-Intrusion Problems in Real Estate Transactions
03/01/2008 Prop. 8 May Help Down and Out Property Owners
03/01/2008 Breaking a Lease - The Tenant’s Legal Liability
03/01/2008 Not So Smooth Sailing for Wetlands Regulation
12/01/2007 Renewables Hit the Roof
10/01/2007 The Fine Print: Legal Issues in Advertising
08/01/2007 Court Expands Eligibility for the UST Cleanup Fund
06/01/2007 Vapor Intrusion: New Focus for Due Diligence
05/01/2007 Leading the Evolution - Translating a Personal Epiphany Into Firm Policy
05/01/2007 ADA Lawsuits—Don't Get Mad, Get Smart
03/01/2007 Environmental Liability Protection for Tenants
02/01/2007 California UST Fund Facilitates Brownfield Cleanup
10/31/2006 Exposure to Mold Alone Not Sufficient to Establish Damages
10/23/2006 Prepare or Perish: How Apartment Owners Protect Against Catastrophic Mold Loss
10/01/2006 Strategies for Cost Recovery and Development after Cooper v. Aviall
09/01/2006 Health Care Businesses and the New Bankruptcy Law
09/01/2006 Asset Protection Planning: An Overview
08/06/2006 Clear as Mud - Supreme Court Provides Scant Guidance for Determining Federal Jurisdiction Over Wetlands
08/01/2006 When is a Client Claim an Insurance Claim?
02/01/2006 Are You At Risk? How to Protect Yourself From ADA Lawsuits
09/01/2005 Employers Can Deduct Money Owed By Employees From Their Wages... Sometimes
06/01/2005 Get It In Writing
12/01/2004 Think Ahead! 2005 Employment Law Update
12/01/2004 Anti-Harassment Training To Become Mandatory
06/01/2004 How Disability Access Lawsuits Impact Businesses