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Wendel Rosen offers periodic print and email newsletters, client alerts and other publications in selected content areas in order to keep our clients informed on topics related to their business.  We are currently preparing to launch a new e-newsletter distribution to provide timely information to clients in an easy to access format.  If you are interested in receiving mailings or e-publications in any of the following areas, please let us know by sending an email to news@wendel.com and we will include you in our subscriber list. Be sure to indicate the subject areas in which you are interested.

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08/07/2014 CA Supreme Court Rules ‘No CEQA Required’ When Agencies Adopt Citizen-Sponsored Initiatives
05/13/2014 2014 IGP Challenge Filed
04/01/2014 It's Official: State Water Board Adopts The New Industrial Storm Water Permit
08/23/2013 The Wendel Report: The Construction & Infrastructure Update - Summer 2013
08/20/2013 The Final Round (Maybe): SWRCB Releases a Revised Industrial Storm Water Permit
08/14/2013 Court of Appeal Reinstates Regional Air Quality Thresholds for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
07/18/2013 SOL Can Mean More than the Statute of Limitations
07/01/2013 Reclaiming Lien Priority: The Doctrine of Equitable Subrogation Explained
02/08/2013 New Storm Water Permit For Small Municipal Systems in California
01/29/2013 Estate Planning Implications of American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
01/22/2013 The Quest For Contractual Certainty
01/15/2013 Brownfield Tenants Gain CERCLA Liability Protection
01/07/2013 2013 California Construction Law Update
12/11/2012 New Disability Access Law Helps Business Owners And Tenants
11/30/2012 New Law Aims to Cut Abuse in Disability Access Lawsuits
11/24/2012 State Water Board Considering Revision of Receiving Water Limitations in Municipal Storm Water Permits
11/15/2012 The Wendel Report: The Construction & Infrastructure Update - Fall 2012
10/29/12 September Surprise — Ninth Circuit Roils Environmental Law
09/26/2012 Expanded Protection for Religious Dress and Grooming Practices
09/26/2012 Health Care Reform Update: Are You Ready To Distribute Your SBCs?
09/07/12 Health Care Reform Update: Understanding Premium Rebates
08/03/2012 It's Out: The Latest Draft Permit For California Industrial Storm Water Dischargers
08/03/2012 California Green Chemistry Initiative Update
06/28/2012 IP/Tech Law Update - Ten Legal Mistakes Emerging Companies Make
04/20/2012 New Hire Employee Form Revised By Labor Commissioner
04/16/2012 Brinker Court Clarifies Meal and Rest Period Obligations
05/10/2012 Air Quality District's CEQA Thresholds Invalidated
03/28/2012 Court Weakens Use Of CEQA's Categorical Exemptions
03/22/2012 Landowners Can Now Challenge Corps Without Fear Of Penalties
02/07/2012 Winter 2012 East Bay Economic Roundup
01/04/2012 Employee Rights Poster Requirement Delayed
01/03/2012 2012 California Construction Law Update
01/03/2012 Labor Commissioner Announces New 2012 Employee Form
11/29/2011 New Written Notice Required To New Employees In 2012
11/29/2011 New Law Requires Employers To Provide Paid Group Health Insurance To Employees On Pregnancy Leave
11/29/2011 New Penalties For Misclassifying Workers As Independent Contractors
11/29/2011 New Limits On Employer Rights To Obtain Credit Reports
11/17/2011 Stringent Requirements For Vineyards On The Horizon To Address Water Quality In The Napa And Sonoma Watersheds
09/26/2011 Construction Law Update: What’s In a Name?
09/22/2011 IP/Tech Update: When Web Hosting Leads to "Contributory" Trademark and Copyright Infringement
09/13/2011 Deadline to Block Registration of Your Trademark in a .xxx Domain Name
09/13/2011 IP/Tech Update: Court Tosses Oracle’s $1.3 Billion Jury Award In Copyright Case Against SAP
09/02/2011 IP/Tech Update: Ninth Circuit Restricts Availability of Injunctive Relief for Copyright Infringement
07/31/2011 New Law Regarding Short Sales Goes Into Immediate Effect: No Deficiency Judgments
08/12/2011 Arbitrating Disputes With Employees: Three 2011 Cases Refine Standards for Arbitration Agreements in California
08/05/2011 Courts are Widening the Cracks in the Corporate Shield
08/04/2011 Continued Uncertainty in Federal Regulation of Storm Water From Construction Sites
07/18/2011 Governor Extends Relief for Developers (Again)
07/07/11 State Law Differences: When An Insurer Must Defend
06/14/2011 EPA's Authority to Issue PRPs Unilateral Orders Affirmed
03/01/2011 Missed Meal and Rest Periods in One Workday Constitute Two Violations
02/24/11 Retailers May Not Collect ZIP Codes From Customers
01/26/2011 Intellectual Property/Tech Law Update
01/20/2011 Intellectual Property/Tech Law Update
01/18/2011 Uncertainty About CERCLA Liability Protection
01/06/2011 New Laws Affecting Contractors
12/22/2010 Federal Estate & Gift Tax: Opportunities and Uncertainties
11/24/2010 State Water Board Modifies The Construction General Permit
11/09/2010 Contractors Can Now Operate As LLC's
11/02/2010 A Trio of California Cases Impact Owners of Real Property
11/02/2010 General Plans and Specific Plans: How Business and Property Owners Should Respond to Proposed Changes
11/02/2010 The California Environmental Quality Act: A Process Primer
11/02/2010 Storm Runoff - A Bigger Issue for Project Design
11/02/2010 Soifer: No Title Company Liability for Erroneous Title Information in the Absence of a Policy
11/02/2010 Climate Change Corner: Proposition 23 - Senate Bill 375 Update - Civil War Over Climate Change
11/02/2010 The Wendel Report: Environmental & Real Estate Update, Winter 2010
10/15/2010 Ensure That You've Insured The Right Property: Deference Must Be Given To The Insureds' Reasonable Expectations
08/31/2010 Tip Pooling Law: Employees Cannot Sue
08/11/2010 The "Chipotle Experience" - A Substitute Experience Violates The ADA
05/11/2010 No "Free Look" For Buyers: California Supreme Court Addresses Consideration and Enforceability Issues in Real Estate Purchase Contracts
04/29/2010 The Wendel Report: Real Estate & Environmental, Spring 2010
04/27/2010 Expansion of Storm Water Regulation Underway
04/27/2010 Reporting Entity Changes in Ownership: New Penalties?
04/27/2010 CALGreen: Its Impact on New Construction in California and Third-Party Certifications
04/27/2010 REO Pre-Foreclosure Due Diligence: Selecting the Lender's Team
04/27/2010 Your Tenant Goes Bust - What Next?
03/31/2010 The New "Classic" Divisibility: Pre-Liability Apportionment By Degree
02/08/2010 Climate Change Corner: National Climate Change Legislation Struggling & BAAQMD Update on CEQA Thresholds
01/22/2010 Federal Estate Tax: A Closer Look
12/31/2009 2010 Employment Law Update: Get Ready for the New Year
12/16/2009 RESPA Update: Enforcement Delay a Call to Action
12/15/2009 The Wendel Report: Restaurants & Wineries, Winter 2009
12/15/2009 Unintentional Violation of ADA Laws Can Lead to Financial Liability
12/15/2009 Potential Pitfalls for New Liquor Licenses
12/15/2009 Navigating Troubled Times
12/15/2009 Breaking a Lease: The Tenant's Legal Liability
12/15/2009 New Case Allows Tip Pooling Between the Front and Back of the House
11/20/2009 Tax Relief Passed for Businesses with Net Operating Losses
11/19/2009 Further Information on Climate Change Seminar: Agencies Give Guidance
11/11/2009 The Wendel Report: Real Estate & Environmental, Winter 2009
11/11/2009 Kids Bite Back: The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act Has Sharp Teeth
11/11/2009 The Greening of Chemistry: California's New Initiative
11/11/2009 A Future For Stigma Damages
11/11/2009 What Lurks Below?? Possible CERCLA Liability
11/11/2009 Regulatory Update: The Construction Industry Comes Back to Face a New Storm Water Permit September 2009
11/11/2009 Title Due Diligence – What You Need to Know When Evaluating Distressed Properties
11/11/2009 Climate Change Corner: Legislative and Regulatory Updates, Analysis and Comment
10/14/2009 Labor Commissioner Decides Reduced Work Schedule and Pay May Not Affect Employee's Exempt Status
10/09/2009 Green Building Report: Getting Credit for What You Do
09/17/2009 BAAQMD District GHG Thresholds of Significance Will Have Wide Impact
09/24/2009 New Court Decision – GHG Emitters Liable Under Federal Nuisance Law
09/04/2009 The Perfect Storm: New Permit Regulation for Storm Water Discharge at Construction Sites
07/21/2009 Lease Renegotiation and Exit Strategies Seminar - Program Materials
07/22/2009 Second Subdivision Map Extension Measure Affords Developers Additional Relief
07/06/2009 Commuter Benefits: An Easy, Effective Way for an Employer to be Green
06/10/2009 GHG & CEQA Seminar - Program Materials
06/09/2009 Getting Your Project Approved
05/06/2009 CERCLA Clarified (Yet Again!)
04/07/2009 The Wendel Report: Real Estate & Environmental, Spring 2009
04/07/2009 Stimulus Plan Update
04/07/2009 When a Tentative Map Falls In Your Lap
04/07/2009 Recent Cases Involving the Enforceability of Purchase and Sale Agreements
04/07/2009 Contaminated Property: Who is Left Holding the Bag?
04/07/2009 Buying Leases Out of Bankruptcy: An Opportunity for Strong Tenants
03/26/2009 State of California v. Allstate Insurance Company
03/04/2009 And You Thought CERCLA Was Complicated Before . . . Just Wait!!!
02/06/2009 Salmon and Grapes May Not Mix: Will a New Lawsuit Impact Northern California's Agriculture Industry?
01/22/2009 California Court Upholds $2.5 Million Fine Against Corporate Officers for Violation of Underground Storage Tank Laws
12/01/2008 The Public Trust Takes to the Sky
12/01/2008 Lack of Remedy for Corps' Jurisdictional Determination
12/01/2008 New UST Guidelines in the Works: California LUFT Manual
12/01/2008 Open Season on Enforcement: Water Board Enforcement Update
12/01/2008 The Wendel Report: Environmental, Winter 2008
12/01/2008 CEQA and Climate Change: The Uncertainty Continues
10/29/2008 UST Fund: Low on Funds - Delay in Reimbursements
09/16/2008 Green Building Carbon Credits
09/01/2008 Negotiating Selected Ground Lease Provisions
09/01/2008 Entitlement or Bust: Issues to Consider for Owners of Property with Development Potential
09/01/2008 The Wendel Report: Restaurants & Wineries, Fall 2008
09/01/2008 Guarantor Liability - A Litigation Perspective
09/01/2008 Important Issues in Negotiating Restaurant Leases
09/01/2008 Green Your Restaurant
09/01/2008 The Wendel Report: Real Estate, Fall 2008
09/01/2008 The Winery and the "Rockstar" Winemaker: The Keys to Success
09/01/2008 What is a Trademark?
09/01/2008 The Oakland Restaurant Renaissance
08/22/2008 Services Propose Raising the Bar for Endangered Species Act Consultations
08/08/2008 Building Downturn Leads Governor to Sign Legislative Relief for Developers
07/22/2008 Surprise - The "No-Surprises Rule" Is Not Applicable to the Endangered Species Act
06/20/2008 State Provides Interim Informal Guidance for Assessing Greenhouse Gas Impacts Under CEQA
05/28/2008 Unintended Consequence of the Budget Crisis – The Spectre of the Vigilante
05/01/2008 Storm Water Compliance on Construction Sites Becoming More Complex and Costly
03/01/2008 On the Cutting Edge: Recent Climate Change Developments
02/05/2008 The New Wetland Test—Even the Courts Can't Figure It Out
12/14/2007 New Vapor Intrusion Legislation and Industry Standards Will Increase Costs and Time for Real Estate Transactions
12/01/2007 Real Estate Newsletter - Winter 2008
11/30/2007 Difficulties of Post-Rapanos Wetland Guidance Prompt Extension of Comment Period
11/01/2007 Financing Provisions in Commercial Ground Leases
11/01/2007 Emission Reporting – It’s Real and Starting Soon
11/01/2007 California Air Resources Board May Require Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports in 2009
08/15/2007 Court Expands Eligibility For the UST Cleanup Fund
06/01/2007 Post-Rapanos Guidance From Corps and EPA: "You Figure it Out."
06/01/2007 Environmental Newsletter - Summer 2007
05/01/2007 Developers, Builders & Property Owners – New Storm Water Permit Under Construction
05/01/2007 Avoid a Walk in Kenneth Cole's Shoes
03/01/2007 Pros and Cons of Commercial Ground Leases
03/01/2007 Real Estate Newsletter - Spring 2007
09/01/2006 Real Estate Newsletter - Fall 2006
08/01/2006 Prop 64: Changes to California's Unfair Competition Law
04/01/2006 Notorious Disabled Litigant Entitled to Pursue Access Lawsuits
03/01/2004 Environmental Newsletter - Spring 2004
09/01/2003 Environmental Newsletter - Fall 2003
01/01/2003 On the March: When Employees Must Leave for Military Duty